When to Consider a Commercial Lock Change

As a business owner, you must remain vigilant about potential dangers that might affect the organization. This means guaranteeing the safety of your staff and the business premise. At Birmingham Locksmith, we can help you improve the security of your business by changing your locks to mitigate potential threats. While it is easy to overlook some basics, mainly when your current locks are functioning, we recommend working with a professional locksmith in Gardendale to guarantee the safety of your business.

Sometimes it is difficult to determine which circumstances call for a commercial lock change, hence the need to schedule routine inspections with a reputable locksmith. Business owners must keep their investments safe, including knowing when to change their locks. Here are situations you should change your commercial locks.

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You Have Lost Your Keys

Keys quickly get misplaced, and people often have a backup stashed somewhere. However, the lost key is a significant security threat, as it can gain access to the building without your knowledge. If you have critical business information or valuable items in the workplace, replacing the locks is the best way to guarantee optimal security. We can dispatch an experienced and equipped locksmith to your location, ensuring the job is completed professionally, and security is restored.

You Have Moved to a New Building

After signing the lease to your new building, consider hiring a trusted locksmith in Gardendale to change the locks as soon as possible. This gives you peace of mind, knowing only you have access to the office. Even if you are required to follow specific protocols like submitting a request to the property management company, a lock change is critical when you move to a new workspace. Our team can change the locks before the actual move-in date so that you can kick-start business operations with no safety concerns.

An Employee Has Resigned

Another reason to consider a commercial lock change is when an employee resigns and they had a copy of the keys. However, it is not necessarily suspicious when a staff member leaves; it is better to be safe than sorry. You should pay attention to the possibility a disgruntled ex-employee can return if they have access to the building. Therefore, hiring a locksmith in Gardendale to change your locks prevents such cases.

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A Stranger has Access to Your keys

Sometimes strangers come across our keys, putting your office at risk. The best way to address the problem is to have a professional change the locks. Most people ignore the potential security threat when they get their keys back and forget a copy can be made. Taking preventative measures can save your business when you can’t find your keys or a stranger gives them to you.

These are situations business owners should change their locks, and we have the tools and expertise to handle all the heavy lifting. Contact us at Birmingham Locksmith and schedule a consultation with a professional locksmith in Gardendale. We guarantee top-quality services at competitive market rates.

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