Where are the three core cables and Submersible flat cables used? 

If you are working in the electrical field, you need to know about the different types of cable available. Since there are so many types of cables available in the market, it would be very confusing to find out the right cable to use in your projects. This module is going to help you with the uses and benefits of one of the most versatile cables- the three core cable and the submersible flat cable.

What are the three core cables?

3 core cable is the BASEC approved, low smoke halogen cable making it appropriate to use in a variety of applications. The three core cable is the best choice to use in the areas that have a high fire risk since it is low smoke.

Fire retardant property: 

It is the perfect choice to use this cable in the areas where there might be a fire because it has fire retardant qualities. It is very difficult for the three core cables to burn. It also doesn’t produce a lot of fumes. If it gets overheated or a fire breaks out the cable will not produce toxic fumes that can easily overwhelm people. And also, the cable doesn’t produce corrosive gas when it is burned. It makes it perfect to be used in situations where there are a lot of people who could be injured if a fire broke out.

Suitable in dry and humid conditions also:

The three core cables are suitable to use in the areas that are humid or dry because the cable resists the adverse conditions well. The three core cables do not react in wet environments and dry conditions. They are versatile, very strong and flexible. You can use the three core cables outdoors since it is resistant to solar radiation. It does not break down in the heat easily and it can be exposed to the sun without deteriorating.

What are submersible flat cables?

Submersible flat cables are specifically designed to work in water conditions. These cables are very well-known to provide electrical power in wet conditions. They are well-conducted, polyvinyl chloride insulated and non-toxic cables. The reason behind its ability to operate in such a wet condition is plastic and rubber compound coating. The plastic coating makes the submersible flat cables to stand against any kind of liquid substances such as water, grease, oil, and others.

Properties of submersible flat cables:

Not all the cables have the potential to work well in wet conditions for a long time like submersible cables. The following are the properties of submersible flat cables:

  • The mechanical & electrical properties and the strong structure of Submersible flat cables protect it against water, grease, and other liquid particles.
  • The size and shape of submersible flat cables varies according to their preference and usage.
  • They may include power conductors and control wires for the pump motor.

Thus, because of its advantage and versatility, the three core cables and submersible flat cables are more popular cables in the electrical industry.

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