Where do Ayahuasca visions really come from?

The Ayahuasca visions are the part and parcel of this overwhelmingly life changing therapy. This is a plant liana which comes from the rain forests of the Amazon and is prepared by each tribe and trained shaman in his own way. The ingredients and recipes used are completely different from one another. It has been known to create a lot of path breaking trends in the modern medical world which makes people from all over the globe flock to the ayahuasca retreats of Peru for making their lives better.

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Many people suffer from mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, low self esteem, anger and millions more issues. If you are mentally low, it affects your work and surroundings as well as you tend to vibe less than positively.  The effects of clinical depression can be sorted out through psychotherapy. Now, the study shows ayahausca providing rapid and sustained anti-depressant effects.   This is because the effect of the ayahuasca shows greater relief to the troubled patients. Once having the intake they start purging which is considered part of the self cleansing process to connect to the outer world. The DMT vision effects have hallucinogenic impact on the participants which create images of self concealed realities and connection to the spirit world.   Many people who cannot analyze the root of their depressions emerge from this experience feeling much rejuvenated and refreshed. The DMT present in the magical brew is instrumental in creating hallucinations and visionary states of the mind which help in unlocking our sources of unhappiness and connecting at higher life condition.


The World Health Organization’s report states a lot of mental issues such as suicidal tendencies, anxiety issues and even examples of panic disorders. The effect of ayahausca has been very calming on many such occasions as reported by participants. Many people have reported feeling much better and refreshed. Others have reduced if not completely overcome their depressive fits to a great extent. If used well and with proper guidance, ayahuasca does have medical values and can be used for greater good. You can read up a lot of articles and blogs by renowned practitioners and also visit the authentic retreats. Head over to dmt. vision for access to  their ayahuasca course for a life time of healing and betterment in order to find and spread happiness in the long run.

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