Where to mount the Baby Monitor

When you want to install a baby monitor in your house, you have to know the safest place to mount the baby monitor. A baby monitor can really help you keep an eye on your babies so you will know what the babies do and what happens to them. But, you have to put the baby monitor in the right place. So, where to mount a baby monitor?

Things to consider for mounting a baby monitor

Why choosing the right place to mount is important? Well, when you want to mount a baby monitor, at least there are 2 things to consider, they are health and safety and proper viewing angle. What is the correlation between the mounting a baby monitor and the health and the safety of the baby? According to the guidelines on this website, as we know that most of today’s baby monitors are using the WIFI network that can cause radiation. Of course, you do not want your baby to get exposed to electromagnetic wave radiation. It can be dangerous for the baby. Meanwhile, for the best viewing angle, you need to choose the right spot where to mount the baby monitor.

The Best spots to mount baby monitors

Where to mount the baby monitor? Actually, there are a few spots that are perfect for baby monitors. If you do not want the baby monitor to get close to the baby, then you can put the camera on the top corner of the room near the ceiling. This spot can cover the entire room, but it is quite far from the object.

If you want to put it a little closer to the baby, then you can put it on a table or baby storage nearby. However, you have to make sure that it is not too close to the baby. The baby monitor must be 2 meters away from the baby for safety.

Another best spot is to place it high on a shelf. But, you must have a high shelf so you can put the camera on the top of the shelf. If you do not have a high shelf, then you may put it on a wall-mounted corner near the ceiling. This is the most preferable spot that can also cover the whole area.

The place you should not place the camera

Meanwhile, there are also some spots that you should not choose to place the baby monitor. For instance, you should not put the camera in a hidden place because it will not cover a wide-angle. Also, you must not place the baby monitor too close to the baby because it is too dangerous due to the radiation. It is also dangerous if you use a baby monitor that uses cable near the baby bed.

Finally, that’s all you may need to know where to mount a baby monitor safely and correctly. Placing a baby monitor is not only about getting the best view, but you also have to pay attention to the baby’s safety and health. You have to keep the baby monitor away from the baby but you have to place it in the right place to get the best viewing angle.

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