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Which Type Of Fireplace Should You Choose?

11 Different Types of Fireplaces - The Complete Guide - Essential Home and  Garden

The warm soft glow of a fireplace makes people feel cozy and relaxed. Fireplaces are commonly placed in living rooms, but more and more homeowners want to include them in kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms. This may have been done out of necessity in the past, but these days it’s much more about the ambiance.

If you are considering a fireplace renovation Fort Collins CO or want to add one to your home, then it is important to be aware of all your options.


On paper, electric fireplaces beat out the rest. However, you must keep in mind that you will not see a real flame. Instead, these models give the appearance of a flame while also using an electric heater to blow warm air. That being said, electric fireplaces are the easiest to maintain and cost the least. They don’t produce any pollutants. They do not require a chimney or any type of fuel. You just plug it in and enjoy.


Gas fireplaces produce real flames and real heat without any wood. No wood means no ashes or soot, making the maintenance very easy. These fireplaces burn relatively clean, producing minimal polluting emissions. Some heat will be lost up the chimney. Nonetheless, they are much more efficient than a wood-burning fireplace.

Gas fireplaces cost approximately $60 a year to run, most of which goes to purchasing natural gas or propane. In comparison, wood fireplaces cost around $190 annually.


Wood burning fireplaces are the most common type found in homes. Yet, when you break down the facts and other comparisons, it may be hard to understand why. Despite the advantages of electric or gas fireplaces, many people still prefer to burn wood and it seems to boil down to the experience. The smell and noise of wood burning are simply hard to beat.

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