Who May Be Liable For Bike Accidents?    

When you have been hurt in a bicycle accident, you should make sure that you have talked to bicycle wreck lawyers who can help you make sure that you know who is liable. Every accident is different, and you need to take some steps to figure out what your options are. You need to hire a lawyer, and you should try to collect as much information about the accident as possible.


A driver could have hit you while you were on a bicycle. Drivers are often not looking or do not provide you with the right of way when they should. You need to be careful, but they also need to be careful when they know that they are near you. Distracted drivers are your biggest problem because they think you should not be on the road.

Cities or Counties

Cities and counties need to take care of the roads, and they need to make sure that the roads are not dangerous for you to travel on. When you hit a pothole or fall into a ditch because the road has not been tended to correctly the people that are supposed to maintain the road are at fault for your accident. You should also remember that the state might have something to say about this if they have construction crews on the road.

Construction crews that do not leave you any room to remain safe, should be held liable. This could be the state, city, county, or even the construction company that was out there.

Other Bicyclists

When other bicyclists do not do the best job of remaining safe on the road, they are putting you in danger. You deserve to be in a safe place where you can ride comfortably, and another bicyclist could easily push you into the road or run you off the road. This is a big problem that people often do not consider.

The same could be said for runners who are on the same paths you are using. They could push you out of the way or leave you no choice but to run off the road and crash.

You should reach out to a lawyer today to make sure that you have gotten the best assistance trying to care for yourself after a bicycle crash. There are a lot of places where you could be hurt and you deserve compensation.

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