Why is .COM still the most preferred TLD?

When the Domain Name System (DNS) was originally introduced in 1985, the extension was developed as one of the first six TLDs. Even before the Internet as we know it, the .com TLD was considered reliable.

A .com domain shows that you are serious about your business, whether you are launching a new business website or a personal blog. When customers find out that your online business is on the website, they will realize that it wasn’t just a fantasy.

The .com extension is the industry standard for domain names because they are instantly recognizable. As one of the first and most popular top-level domains (TLDs), the domain demonstrates your company’s commitment to the Internet. 

How do you know .com is still the best choice for your business with all the new top-level domains – from new domains like .app, .dev and .ai to .popstar, .lol and . ninja—? The solution is a bit complicated, but there are a few things to consider.

  1. Preference

Domains ending in .com are always in high demand as their popularity has intentionally or unintentionally skewed their way. Like everything else, performance follows demand. Therefore, .com domains are the most popular domain extensions.

They are referred to as the “gold standard”, a term that refers to the belief that gold, which historically had real value solely because of its beauty, served as the standard that determined the value of all currencies.

  1. Can be trusted

It is often assumed that by having a .com address a business projects its legitimacy. The owner of the .com is considered the primary owner of this online “space”. If we analyze the reasons for choosing the .com TLD, we may come back to authority and brand richness.

If you have a prestigious one-word .com TLD (eg,, you may beat the competition by being first, being better off financially, or both. These two reasons help establish the company as a safe bet to do business with.

  1. Online Credibility

This is, in many respects, the key issue and, historically, the cause of the perceived value. Does having give you more internet authority overall and higher rankings with search engines?

Since the majority of the top-ranking websites are.coms, several websites claim domain names rank the best. Although this may be the case, it does not imply that search engines “favor”.coms. Statistics-based publications only show domains are currently the most prevalent type of high-ranking site, which makes sense given that this is what the biggest websites typically utilise. So if you have another domain extension that you like or own, you may relax.

  1. Easy to remember

We’ve all been there — when we’re looking for a business website, we try to remember the right domain and type in the .com version of the company name, hoping it takes us where we need to go. Of course, increasingly sophisticated search engines ensure that the page we are looking for is much easier to find than before. However, domains ending in .com are still the ones people will try because .com is so ingrained in how we think about websites.

Having a .com domain also makes it easier for your domain to show up in network shows or radio ads, and gives the impression of “offline” authority. We all know that a .com domain name means business.


Here is hoping you have realised why .COM is still preferred as a domain for most websites and businesses. In case you are planning to buy one, you can do domain registration from a reliable provider. Also, in case of any queries or questions pertaining to this article, share them with us in the comments section below. 

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