Why It Is Still Important to Inspect Cooling Towers in Florida

Florida SB 1190 might have died in Health Policy amid the current coronavirus crisis, but the importance of regular inspections and maintenance remains. The Senate bill was a response to an increase in Legionnaire’s Disease outbreaks from exposure to the bacteria in airborne water droplets that causes the disease. Regular cooling tower inspections is necessary for public health, but it is also beneficial in maintaining the functionality of electronic control systems and reducing the likelihood of mechanical failures. Hiring qualified professionals for your cooling tower inspection Jacksonville will ensure your inspection is thorough and accurate.

Keeping People Safe

Legionnaire’s Disease has placed the proper care and functioning of cooling towers in front of governments and, to some extent, the general population. The standard operation of these towers creates a prime environment for the Legionella pneumophila bacteria to grow and thrive. Anyone, including workers, who spends time in buildings that use cooling towers is vulnerable to the disease. Testing the water for the bacteria is one of OSHA’s recommendations for preventing disease outbreaks.

Maintaining Control System Functionality

The control systems for cooling towers are now largely electronic. While these electronic systems increase the accuracy and efficiency of operations, they are subject to malfunctioning. As with all technologies, you can expect the technology to change with regularity. This makes it imperative to have these systems inspected by a technician who is specifically trained and up to date on electronic control system technologies.

Reducing Mechanical Failure

Taking a preventative approach to mechanical operations will reduce the likelihood of mechanical failure. While it might seem time-consuming and expensive to conduct regular inspections and preventative maintenance, you will be more likely to prevent serious failures that could rack up higher costs than preventative measures.

States have been increasing making moves to regulate cooling tower operations for public safety reasons. Florida is one of these, though the bill was postponed indefinitely as the focus has turned to a greater public health threat. For companies that utilize cooling towers, however, regular inspections are still important for public safety and efficient operations.


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