Why Should You Make Friends With a Horse?

People generally need social interaction to be healthy and well adjusted. But have you considered expanding your circle of friends to include another species? Horses have been ridden and cared for by humans for thousands of years, and to this day they continue to be loved by many. What is the secret? Why do horses hold such a draw for so many people? Here are a few reasons why interactions with an equine buddy can improve your life.

They Can Help You Get in Shape

The state of your physical health can have a huge impact on your quality of life. The act of caring for a horse can get you moving, even before you hop in the saddle. Feeding, cleaning, grooming, and saddling a horse are all activities that are physical in nature. Riding a horse can also improve your strength and endurance. Don’t forget to care for your horse in return by purchasing equine health insurance. Some of the best horse insurance companies provide services such as protection against theft, assistance with medical costs, and alleviation of property damage. That way you and your horse can continue to boost each other’s health for years to come.

They Will Meditate With You

Horses can be extremely active and exciting, but they also love to be with you in quieter times. Your horse may not be able to strike a yoga pose with you, but peaceful moments grooming and petting your horse can be notably meditative. Gaze into your horse’s big, brown eyes and murmur some comforting words, and you’ll feel the sense of calm that a horse can bring to your life. Having your hand nuzzled by a horse’s soft muzzle can be a soothing and serene sensation.

They Encourage Responsibility

Owning a horse means gaining another member of the family. They require love, time, work, and money. Figuring out how to plan in the hours needed to care for a horse can improve your time management skills, and budgeting for food and other supplies can help you learn the value of allocating funds responsibly. Like any member of the family, a horse has daily needs such as exercise and grooming, and they are likely to become a big priority in your life. This responsibility can be incredible for character building and future success.

Human friends are great and all. They can do boring, human things like play video games and talk about your feelings. But a horse can carry you at breathtaking speeds across a field of wildflowers. Caring for a horse can help you build a lasting, meaningful friendship that can change your life forever.


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