Why You Need To Talk About End of Life Planning

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One thing in life is truly inevitable, and that is death. Yet, it is something that many people fail to discuss with loved ones. If you haven’t made end of life plans for yourself, consider these reasons why now is the best time to get started.

It Gives You Control Over Your Healthcare

Healthcare is a very personal thing and one that you should be able to choose for yourself. If you were to suddenly become incapacitated and you don’t have legal documents in place, you are powerless over what healthcare decisions are made. Would someone know exactly which care and treatments you would want and which ones you wouldn’t? If you can’t answer that with 100% certainty, then it’s time to take action. Do a quick search for a public notary near me and schedule an appointment. Complete an advance directive and any other forms you think are appropriate and have them notarized. Be sure to provide a copy to your doctor’s office so they are aware of your choices.

Emergencies Don’t Give You Advance Warning

Many young people put off these conversations, thinking there is plenty of time. Sadly, accidents and medical emergencies can happen at any age. With your legal paperwork in place, you will be prepared for the unexpected.

Planning Removes the Burden From Loved Ones

In dire situations, where you are not expected to recover, your family will already be distraught. Asking them to make life or death decisions about your care adds an extra burden to their already overwhelmed minds. When you provide instructions about what you would and wouldn’t want to be done, it helps ease that burden.

Planning for the end of your life is an important task, no matter what age you are. It puts you in charge of healthcare decisions, ensures you receive the care you want and removes a huge burden from your loved ones.

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