Why You Should Regularly Arrange for Maintenance For Your Business!

Business activity in industries often requires the use of heavy machinery. These machines are extremely high capacity. They consume huge amounts of energy, run for long hours, and work through tons of material. Due to this, it is only natural that these machines face wear and tear. Older machinery starts becoming less efficient in its operation with age. This is because the parts lose their original quality from being used so much. However, this is not anything alarming, and it is only natural for most machinery to depreciate. This though does not mean that you just give up on your machines and leave them out to rot. Buying new equipment required huge capital expenditure so it is best to extract as much use as possible from a single purchase. For this reason, maintenance work such as repairs and cleaning is necessary to keep machines running healthy. Otherwise, you can expect them to breakdown. Maintenance can be of many kinds, and this article explores the few that are important and should be performed regularly. 

  • Preventive:

Preventive maintenance is done to identify and solve problems even before they happen. Regular inspections and routine checkups are a part of this kind of maintenance. Preventive maintenance helps eliminate the risk of unplanned breakdowns which can affect us severely. 

  • Condition Based:

Condition Based maintenance differs from the previous because it is not done regularly. It is only conducted conditionally when certain changes in the machinery are observed. Factors such as temperature, physical strength, power efficiency, the load capacity can all be observed in condition Based maintenance. 

  • Predictive:

Predictive maintenance is a specific type of condition-based maintenance, where data is collected about the machinery, and based on that data a prediction of the need for maintenance is made. It is a very intensive process as many resources have to be spent on constantly recording and analyzing performance data. 

  • Corrective:

Corrective maintenance is undertaken after a problem or a breakdown occurs. This is done just in time when a problem is detected. To correct deficiencies that might cause the machinery to be inoperable, maintenance is done. This solves the need for emergency repairs and helps secure employee safety. 

  • Predetermined:

This is any maintenance that has been predetermined or scheduled ahead of time. Predetermination can take place based on historical data and changes from company to company. 

These are all the necessary kinds of maintenance. We hope you can apply the learning from this article to keep your business safe!

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