Work with HGH: it is the basis of the training process in boxing and martial arts.

Work with shells is the basis of the training process in boxing and most martial arts.

Growth Hormone in USA and training allows you to:

Develop all combat skills. Strength, accuracy, speed of impact, ability to dodge, maneuver.

Develop tactical thinking in battle. Training on paws or pads takes the fighter’s thinking to a new level.

Master the basics of martial arts. Training with shells is the base that we are laying for future victories.

Develop self-confidence. Beginning fighters are usually planted on a “shell diet”. For 3-4 months, the basics are developed, and the athlete is confident that his strikes are strong and reach the goal. With this psychological preparation, it’s easier for him to win in the ring.

Do not take damage. Martial Arts is a contact sport that involves getting kicks. Shells – the ability to improve combat skills without compromising on health and appearance.

Martial Arts at home – training with HGH

Not all of us can afford to visit a specialized section.

For many, martial arts at home is the only way to protect themselves.

Learning videos can help you learn how to fight at home. To do this, you need the following shells:

  • Bag – the main tool for training blows;
  • Makivara – training in strength, accuracy and speed of impact;
  • Paws – for training with a partner.

Shell gloves.

These acquisitions allow you to:

  • Prepare for training in the section;
  • Learn to protect yourself without visiting the section and the gym.
  • You will not level with professional fighters, but you will be able to lay the base.

Workout with a bag and HGH

For maximum results, follow these rules:

Train with bags and pears of different weights. When working with a heavy bag, the impact force is better accumulated, the ability to put the whole body into a blow. Light shells – speed and speed of movements, reaction, ability to dodge strikes.

Hone combinations. Example: when working with “triples”, you can focus on one of the blows. The first 2 strokes can be beaten with 70-80% calculation. Third hit – 100% calculation. Or vice versa.

Combine leg and arm work with bag training. In boxing or other martial arts, where the legs are not applied at all, this is not necessary. But in martial arts, in which the legs are used actively, it is important to develop combinations of “arms and legs” that can decide the outcome of the fight in your direction.

Work “spurt” – alternate an active attack with defense. These movements must remain at the subconscious level. With practice, you will learn to adjust these movements to the actions of the enemy, which will give a huge advantage in battle.

Feel your body. Concentrate on the feelings that pierce your body at the moment of impact. At the time of a wave of the hand. In moments of defense and attack. The ability to feel your body, as well as to feel the weight and vibrations of the enemy (projectile), is one of the most significant advantages that work with shells gives you.

HGH training. Recommendations

Watch videos of fights of famous fighters with immersion in them. Feel yourself in the role of a fighter. Mentally repeat his movements. The technique of the fighters is postponed in your subconscious, which allows you to unwittingly copy these movements in the ring.

Learn to build your own hgh program. Find out what the training process consists of and what training sessions are included in it.

Examine the fighter’s nutrition. Nutrition and recovery is 50% of the progress in your workouts.

Choose the right equipment for martial arts. Not only the final result, but also your safety depends on the choice of equipment.

Find motivation for training. Work with shells turns into hard labor for unmotivated athletes. Understand how the motivation and incentive system works with this section.

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