Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Employers are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance for their employees, but both groups benefit. Consider researching “workmans comp Oregon” to learn all the benefits of this insurance.

Employer Benefit

Employers pay for workers’ compensation insurance to prevent employees from suing companies as a result of a work-related injury. This coverage has a minimal cost, especially when compared to today’s legal fees. This insurance prevents businesses from financial ruin when an employee is injured. This insurance also covers all the employees of a company from the date the policy started.

Medical Treatment

Although many know about the immediate medical treatments available through workers’ compensation insurance, they may not understand the long-term care that may also be available. For example, if you injure your back and the injury results in a long-term back problem, your continued care should be covered under workers compensation insurance.

Illnesses are also covered. For example, if you experience chronic diseases, such as asthma or cancer, as a result of a workplace environment and this disease can be linked back, your care should be covered, even if it is lifetime treatment. These illnesses may significantly impact workers’ work productivity and quality of life, so proper treatment is very important.

Vocational Rehabilitation

If you are injured and you cannot do the job you are trained to do, you may pursue training for a new job. For example, if a back injury prevents you from working in the warehouse, this insurance may pay for your training for another department. Vocational rehabilitation may also provide medical and cognitive assessments, career counseling, jobsite assessments and post-high school education.

Cash Payments

If you cannot return to work, you may receive cash payments based on your salary. These payments may be short- or long-term payments depending on the severity of the illness. However, only half of the employees’ income is provided through cash payments if their disabilities are temporary.

If you have been injured on the job and are not receiving all the benefits you need, consider consulting a workers’ compensation attorney.

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