Workout ideas you can do with your dog

Wherever you look nowadays, fitness is everywhere. Whether you are scrolling through Instagram or driving down the road, you will surely be greeted by the next great diet fad or exercise regime.

While most of the time, fitness can be gruelling, there is no reason you cannot bring your furry best friend along for the ride and get fit together. Today we are to look at some amazing workout ideas for you and your dog with the help of affordable pet care.

Getting A Cardio Boost

There are so many great things about dogs, and their abundance of energy is just one of them. Having a dog as a running partner can be beneficial in so many ways.

For some, running can be a little embarrassing, and they can feel a little awkward. This awkwardness can easily be tackled if you take your furry companion along with you. When running with your dog, you suddenly feel more confident.

Another great thing about running with your furry little bestie is you will find you do more exercise and at a faster pace too. All in all, taking your dog out for a run will always do wonders for your heart, and it’s sure to get your blood pumping.

Work Out That Upper Body

A great workout idea that that often goes ignored is to jump in a kayak and get working on that upper body strength. 

While kayaking may seem like its only beneficial to you, it is in fact, great for you both. Obviously, it has excellent benefits for you, but it also promotes balance in your dog. Some dogs may not like the thought of sitting in the kayak and may take to swimming alongside you.

Swimming is of course, incredibly useful for dogs, and who knows, maybe you will get a little bored of the kayak and end up jumping in with your dog.


An excellent exercise for you both and it also helps you keep up with your buddy, is for you to take to the cycle. No, obviously, we know there is no cycle option for your dog, but there is no reason the dog cannot run alongside.

Dogs love all forms of exercise and being in the outdoors, the fact that you are moving a little faster than usual will be great fun for the dog, and they will see it as a fun little challenge. 

Dog Yoga

At this point, I am sure you probably think we are making things up, but dog yoga is very real and very popular. Dog yoga is a great way of teaching your dog a few poses, and it is great for both you and your best friend. 

Fitness is vital for both you and your dog, and if you do consider a few of these activities, then remember that nutrition is also one of the key features to a healthy lifestyle for you both. 

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