You’ll Need Answers To These 3 Questions In The Event Of A Car Accident

It’s devastating going from complete control of your life and your car to smashed and possibly injured. The first thing those in car accidents do is call the police, the second their insurance company, while someone hopefully calls an ambulance.

Emotion gets in the way of a smooth transition from loss of control to back in control. What people need at times like these is a 2021 car accident guide for the answer to these three questions.

  1. I Feel Perfectly Fine. Should I Seek Medical Help Anyway And Why?

While the lawyers you seek to represent you in a car accident aren’t medical experts, they can tell you with full confidence that medical advice is always useful following a car accident. Here’s why.

First, primary care doctors are not set up to bill car insurance companies but health insurance companies. The primary care doctor may refuse to treat you, sending you on to a specialist in car accident injuries.

Next, it’s vital that car accident victims be seen by a doctor up to 72 hours after the accident. Insurance companies want to know the facts as soon as possible, so they can begin the settlement or the going to court process.

It’s important to tell your doctor every last little thing you’re feeling. The why of it all involves even pre-existing conditions affecting the victim by a trauma to the body following an accident. Your doctor needs to know with he’s dealing with.

Seeking medical help is vital. The effects of trauma can manifest themselves months to years after an auto accident. Considering the position of the body in a car, the accident could conceivably cause head, neck, and spinal injuries, which are the most serious. Broken body parts can heal quickly, but these types of injuries take a long time to heal.

  1. Should The Insurance Companies Get My Medical Records?

The 2021 car accident guide suggests this not happen. It’s a normal part of the accident investigation to see the medical records involving the accident. Go ahead and give them this paperwork, and always upon the advice of your lawyer.

The reason you don’t want to give medical records to a car insurance company is because they might use something found in your medical record against you. Insurance companies aren’t in the business of paying out, so seeing something in your medical record might mean they won’t have to.

Refuse to sign any medical releases the car insurance company gives you to sign. Call your lawyer first, and then do what he says to do.

  1. Can A Car Accident Lawyer Prove The Other Driver Was At Fault?

You bet. Aside from your explanation of the accident, car accident attorneys check the police report. They then look up the state’s traffic rules and laws. Here, rules and laws about the speed limit, left turns, or who has the right of way could pertain to your case.

There are certain types of accident about which the insurance companies don’t even blink. Rear-end collisions, for example. When your back bumper and the other driver’s front bumper are crunched, it obviously wasn’t your fault. You’ll be taken care of by the other driver’s insurance company.

Left-turn accidents are difficult to prove fault, because all laws say that the left turn should only be completed if there is no obstruction to the turn. However, if the driver is in the turn and someone coming straight on is speeding, then the left-turning driver isn’t at fault. Your lawyer will check these and other sources to find the facts.

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