Your Personal Injury Claim – How to get the best deal?

If the process of a personal injury claim is heating up in your favour. You need to align your strategies. Have an effective strategy in place before an acceptance.

We have drafted some settlement tips that will turntable in your favour. Don’t settle for less, get solid legal representation by hiring Richmond Vona, LLC. Hiring experienced personal injury lawyers like them will surely make your day.

Plan A Specific Settlement Amount

Figure out a range of what you believe your claim is worth.

You need to plan a minimum figure which is acceptable within the range estimated. Keep the figure amount to yourself and strictly not share with the adjuster. Now, the counter-offers will be going back-to-forth and you will be ready with your figures all sorted.

Don’t jump on the minimum figure directly. Try your best to keep it on the maximum level.

Don’t Agree On First Offer

If the offer seems more than your planned figure, do not jump on it.

If it’s high, imagine how higher it can go. Don’t settle on anything quickly. Take your time and counter the offers to make it go higher. It’s standard for insurance adjusters to negotiate by offering low at first. Keep that in mind and then play your figures.

Highlight Emotional Points

Emphasize emotional points in your favour smartly.

During the negotiation process, mention all the emotional points that fit your claim and support it. It is important to highlight the rough patch you had to deal with. You need to plan out the emotional tactics that you will use. For this scenario, you need to look deep into the case and grab any attention to detail material that can help you in favour.

EG: a beer bottle found in an opposition car, use it as they may be drunk.

Know A Good Bargain!

Wait for the response from the adjuster.

Don’t just settle quickly if the adjuster raises a ratio in the counteroffer. This is simply a bad bargain. Wait for their response and stick to your amount.

Only be flexible when the adjuster is out of counter offers and gets near your maximum figure.

In The End:

These are all the tips you should know before starting anything regarding your personal injury claim. Show how much it matters. Although, you might need to get into details if you desire a better settlement and never underestimate an insurance adjuster.

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