10 Things You Should Have if You Lose Power

Being stuck in a blackout is more than tedious; it can be dangerous too. Things get even worse once the sun has gone down, and you lose the primary source of light with which you use to see and interact with the world around you.

You should always be ready for a power outage. Emergencies can happen without notice and may last for hours upon hours.

Besides, even scheduled maintenance work that affects your power supply may run long or hitch on snags.

Here are some items you need to have in your blackout survival kit. It is good to have these always prepared and well-maintained in a specified area in the house.


Various reasons may cause a power outage, some of them much riskier than others. Regardless of why you are in a blackout, you should always be prepared with bottled water just in case you end up stuck for longer than you expect.

At the same time, it may also be a good idea to fill up any water tanks and tubs at home if the water goes out too.

Non-Perishable Food

Just in case you are stuck for an extended period, it is good to have food too. Ideally, it would help if you had non-perishables stocked up for you and all the others in your household. This includes pets.

When choosing what you want to get for this purpose, think of products that you will be happy eating even after the emergency passes. Some great examples are biscuits, trail mix, and granola bars.

Light Source

When the power is out, the first thing you will think of having ready is a light source, of course. Beyond just a hand-held torch, you might want something that will leave your hands free such as a headlamp.

Besides, unscented candles are great for keeping your surroundings lit up. Another option is to have glow sticks.


We are increasingly reliant on electronics nowadays. Unfortunately, these gadgets tend to be the first to run out of juice during events when the power is out.

Thus, it is best to have a power bank ready. Besides, you will also want to have batteries to spare for your torches too.


Having a generator in the house is a great way to beat the circumstances of being in a power outage.

There are several different sizes and options when it comes to generators. You can see these online at Workshop360.

Being aware of these differences will help when shopping for a generator as you should avoid purchasing more than what your home requires.

Shopping around and learning about all the models on the market will help you make an informed decision.


If you are currently on medication, you will do well to have these on your person or close at hand during an emergency.

You want to be prepared if you are stuck and unable to get your prescription filled. Therefore, it is good to have a few days’ worth at least ready at home.

Sanitary Supplies

During an emergency, it would be smart to conserve water. One way of doing this is by minimising the need to use water.

If you need to wash your hands, consider using baby wipes or a hand sanitiser instead.

First Aid Kit

Of course, no emergency kit will be complete without first aid supplies. You should always have a first aid kit ready in the house, regardless of whether you expect some emergency to befall you or not.

These should be fully stocked with items such as plasters, bandages, gauze, antibiotic ointment packets, painkillers such as paracetamol or aspirin, and others.

Bumps and trips are much more likely to happen in the dark, and you will want a compress on hand if they do happen.


Having a battery-powered radio works wonders when you are stuck in the middle of a power outage.

You can use it as a source of entertainment as well as information. This form of media will not seem obsolete when you find yourself without Internet or TV access.


Without power, it can get cold even if you are huddled up indoors. Have some blankets ready to keep you and your loved ones warm. Besides, they are a source of comfort and familiarity in what may be a stressful time.



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