Common Types of Lawyers

The terms “lawyers” and “attorneys” are simple and self-explanatory enough on their surface. However, like most professions, the law has many areas of specialty and different categories. Let’s look at a few of the most common types of lawyers and what they do.

Probate Attorneys

Let’s start with a common, but rarely discussed type of attorney: the estate lawyer, otherwise known as a probate attorney. A probate attorney Sarasota helps settle the wills of deceased people with their families and/or beneficiaries. Essentially, they guide people through the process of executing their loved ones’ wills and trusts.

Public Defenders and Defense Attorneys

Defense attorneys of all kinds defend people accused of committing crimes. Private defense attorneys can be hired to represent a client at trial or advise them of their options when brought up on charges. Since the U.S. constitution entitles all accused people to have the right to legal representation, public defenders perform the critical function of standing up for those who can’t afford to hire an attorney.

State and Federal Prosecutors

On the other side of the legal aisle are prosecutors, who are hired to represent the state or federal government’s interests in the courtroom. If you are charged with a crime that goes to trial, your defense attorney will be competing against the prosecution, whose job is to present convincing evidence to the judge or jury that you are guilty of the crime you have been accused of committing.

Family Lawyers

Family lawyers specialize is custody disputes and divorce proceedings. That said, they also have some overlap with probate lawyers in that many of them can prepare wills, trusts and power of attorney documents to ensure that your assets are divided according to your instructions at the time of your passing. Family lawyers and must have an empathetic touch as they deal with sensitive issues like family dissolution, childcare, and death of loved ones.

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