How to choose the best clothes for your wardrobe according to your body?  

We have different bodies, and to look good, you must know how to dress and thus show off all your charms. You have to forget about trying to look like someone else, you have your own body, and you have to get the most out of it. You must learn to be happy with what you have because you will love looking in the mirror in the right clothes.

Using specific guidelines, you can identify your shape and suit you best in terms of clothing. You can choose whether to dress elegant or informal, but always choosing the best clothes for you. You can do online shopping for clothes at reasonable rates.

Clothes for straight body type

A straight body without a natural waist is like a rectangular shape: the same upper part as the lower part. To get the best look for a straight body type, dress your upper and lower body proportionally while enhancing your waistline. Wear tight clothing, such as a sheath dress, and create a waist by adding a wide belt in the shade darker than the main fabric.

To create a more curvy effect, you can wear baggy or side-pocket pants, off-the-shoulder tops, and full tops around the chest, wide belts, and various stylish belts to define your waist.

Curvy body shape

If you have curves, you should feel lucky! Don’t hide your curves under baggy clothes – flaunt what you’ve got. The curvy or hourglass figure is the most envied, sexiest, and contrary to the body shapes of most supermodels, usually with a well-defined waist, fuller hips, and bust, as well as generous thighs.

You are genuinely considered to have the perfect feminine form, and there isn’t much to do other than accentuate what you have.

Pencil skirts are very flattering. They will cling to your figure, reaching directly to your waist to show off your sexy curves. If you consider yourself short, wear three-quarter skirts or skirts just below the knee with a slit to make you look taller. It is essential to know which skirt length is right for you, regardless of your height.

Conclusion: So if you want to look smart, choose clothes according to your body shape.

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