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Improve Your Kitchen’s Form and Function With Design Upgrades

Many people look around their kitchens and notice that dreariness or age is dragging them down. If you find your kitchen is lacking in form, function and features, it may be time for an upgrade. These design improvements can help elevate your entire culinary space and upgrade its utility.

Custom Backsplash

If your walls are boring and unappealing, call in a kitchen designer Morehead City to add a custom backsplash. Not only can this improve your surface cleanup, but it can also add a pop of color and visual intrigue to the room. Instead of store-bought backsplashes, opt for something more extravagant and customized to your individual taste.

Light Fixtures

For a kitchen that looks gloomy, brighten up the room by replacing the light fixtures. Not only can this add an interesting and eye-catching feature, but it also opens up space by casting a warm glow. Don’t struggle with dim light and squinting at recipes when you can illuminate your culinary path.

Double Oven

Prolific culinary artists need a double oven. If you cook large batches of meals or enjoy entertaining, look no further than installing a breathtaking new appliance that serves as both a visually attractive piece and a functional improvement.

Kitchen Storage

If too many gadgets and trinkets cause disorder around the kitchen, one worthy design investment is improving and increasing your kitchen storage. Not only can this conceal clutter, but the right piece can also accentuate your room and improve its aesthetic appeal.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet upgrades offer a wide array of options for improvements. Whether you are repainting, replacing hardware or improving the utility, these can enhance your functionality and look without breaking the bank.

If you are looking to make home improvements, focus your attention on the kitchen. For a room that gets some of the most traffic, taking the time to improve its functionality and form while also increasing its visual appeal is well worth the time and effort.

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