Major Reasons to Choose Flutter for iOS Development

Today web software development company looks for cross platform solutions to develop mobile apps. Some companies have a limited budget and a short time period to launch different apps for different platforms every day. However, flutter is a cross-platform solution which is different from native iOS development.

What is flutter?

Google released an open source mobile app Flutter to help developers use single codebase for the development of Android and iOS apps. As react native offshore development center frameworks are popular these days, Flutter can be React Native at first

And, then it offers full-fledged support of native features. This is why renowned companies are now embracing this platform for their mobile app development.

Why should you go for Flutter and not Native iOS Development for iOS App Development?

The native iOS development doesn’t hold a lot of interest for every iOS developer. There may be some who have had a frustrating experience. Flutter is highly recommended for them. If you own an open source development company, then you will love this framework. Some of the reasons why flutter is better than native iOS development are:

  1. Technical structure

Flutter has completely different technical architecture in comparison to native iOS. While native iOS works on tools development by Apple, Google has openly developed Flutter.

Swift programming language is the single github which you will get on Apple, while Dart has been created by Google.

There is a major different in IDEs too. While iOS developers do iOS development in Xcode, Flutter applications are developed by Android Studio, IntelliJ Idea or a text editor.

So, in the end Flutter has everything which you need for native app development.

  1. Fast and easy development concept

Flutter isn’t a web technology, but it comes with a quick development concept. Developers use dynamic scripting languages for better performance of compiled languages. You can also use Dart programming language as it has a sturdy system.

Dart support two modes- interpreted and compiled which makes it an amazing option for the development of mobile apps and having an amazing user experience on Flutter.

  1. UI aspects

UI development consumes highest time for iOS development. The native iOS systems offers UI which offers comprehensive native support for printing, drawing and animation, while flutter UI components are different. It offers developers a quicker development cycle with predesigned widgets

It allows you to create a tricky UI with the help of these widgets. It supports Cupertino for iOS and Material Design for Android.

  1. Higher productivity

It is one of the best perks offered by Flutter. If you are a developer, then you must be knowing the important of productivity.

And with flutter, you will get an amazing transformation. It enhances your productivity. Hence, there is no requirement of recompiling your code as you can see the changes instantly. It is the Hot Reload feature of Google. It makes the process simple, fast and easy, helping the development company to enhance their app development.

If you are really impressed with the features and working of Flutter, then you should choose a flutter mobile application development company for your iOS app development.

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