Shoring up Your Business Against Natural Disasters

All business owners need to have plans in place to deal with emergencies. Whether Tornado Alley, earthquake central or blizzard basin, you need to be ready when natural disasters hit. While you may not be able to guard against every severe incident, you should take these proactive measures to prepare your business before Mother Nature takes a run at it.

Create a People Course-of-Action

Because you may have little warning before a violent storm descends or the earth shakes, you should have a thought-out plan in place; you want to be able to react quickly and without having to think too much. Protecting your employees should be the most important part of your strategy. Designate where everyone should go, hold ongoing drills and post instructional signs. Make certain everyone knows where first-aid kits are located and keep them stocked.

Protect Your Business Financially

You can’t put a steel blanket over your building, but you can cover it against financial loss. Working with an agent from business and home insurance Anchorage AK will provide you with the means to get your business up and running again if it suffers heavy damage. To speed up any claims processes, make certain to take a detailed inventory of all your equipment and furnishings, and store the information in the cloud.

Batten the Hatches

You can lessen the impact of a storm or other event if you reinforce and secure some structures inside and outside both for the long-term and as immediate threats loom. Some possible preparations that may increase safety and minimize loss are these:

  • Board windows
  • Fasten bookshelves and cabinets to walls
  • Purchase sturdy furnishings
  • Reinforce external signage

When traumatic storms, seismic activities or other natural calamities pound your business, you may find yourself challenged as never before. Because you will have to think quickly both during and after a natural disaster, taking the time to prepare ahead will ensure you can get your business above water again soon.

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