Tips For Picking Your Wedding Arch

Your wedding arch will definitely play a vital role in the photos that document your big day as a significant focus point for your event.

You might therefore be concerned about whether or not this critical component of your floral design effectively conveys the mood you’re striving for.

Not to worry; with a lot of versatility in how it is made, your wedding arch offers a wonderful opportunity to create a lovely background for your most memorable moments. Just bear the following in mind:

Design for your venue

The location of your arch should be your first priority.

An arch is a terrific anchor for defining your ceremony space if you’re having an outdoor ceremony or one in a somewhat open indoor location (like a ballroom or industrial-chic venue, say).

For the best aesthetic impact, make sure the arch’s size is appropriate for the space where you want to install it. This will prevent the arch from overpowering or undermining the area it is intended to enhance.

Keep the aesthetic you want to achieve.

Although it should go without saying, your arch’s design should complement the overall floral décor concept.

An arch covered in flowers will look out of place if your wedding decor is minimalist and contemporary. Aim for a fresh bloom arch in a similar style and colour combination if your wedding has a floral theme. But no matter the style of the wedding location, arches adorned with ferns, eucalyptus, and tropical flora look stunning.

Moreover, if the rest of your floral arrangements are minimalist and contemporary, a gorgeously romantic arch covered with cascading blooms will look out of place.

Think of using the frame in inventive ways

The material you choose to build your arch can have a big impact on differentiating your design and giving it a distinctive appearance. If you look at contemporary arches, you’ll probably note that the frame is no longer a stereotypical white lattice. Consider using metal, wood, or bamboo as examples. Your arch’s precise shape can change as well. What works best for your style and setting should be your guidance.

Choose harmony over symmetry.

Asymmetrical style can add eye-catching intrigue, both in the shape of your arch and the placement of flowers and other decorations atop it.

The ideal arch should appear balanced overall, but this does not necessitate strict symmetry.

Go beyond the flowers.

In order to complete a delightful aspect, a stunning arch design frequently includes components other than just flowers.

Including ribbons, lights, plants, and/or gracefully draped fabric gives you more options for creating the specific effect you’re going for.

Diverse materials can also allow you to contrast various textures for added visual flair.

Focus on form

For a wedding arch to stand out from the crowd, the shape is essential. Not all arches must actually be arches. If a geometric shape works with the rest of your wedding’s design, such as a sharp triangle, take it into consideration.

If you don’t have a huge floral budget, changing up the shape of the traditional arch is a great way to get a lot of aesthetic impact without spending a fortune on peonies and poppies. Some great alternatives to the traditional arch include a super-round tunnel-shaped arch, an unexpected triangle arch, or even a rectangular arch.

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