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Tips to Prep Your Home for Winter

It’s time to start thinking about winterizing your home for the colder months ahead. If you have a to-do list prepared and some projects in mind to prepare then you’ll be set up for success. If you’re like most homeowners, however, you likely don’t think about issues until they arise. Avoid surprise repairs by being prepared for winter with these tips. 

Routine HVAC Servicing 

Regular maintenance on your heating and cooling system is important to avoid surprise repairs. Find professionals who understand servicing and heating repair Staten Island NY to inspect, clean, and service your unit each year. This will not only keep your HVAC system in good condition, but you’ll also stay on top of routine repairs so they don’t become costly issues. 

Roof Inspection

Before heading into months of cold weather, ice, and snow, you want to be sure your roof is prepared to handle the elements. Have someone inspect it to check for any cracks or missing shingles that could be an issue. By staying on top of your roof’s condition, you’ll protect your home’s structure from water damage, which can be costly to repair. 


Check around your home to see if you have any loose branches that could be a problem during winter months. Trim them back so they don’t fall on your home or gutters and wrap up other shrubs or bushes so they survive the winter. If your backyard collects leaves, rake them up and dispose of them so they don’t become home to unwanted critters seeking shelter from the elements. 

Outdoor Items

In addition to caring for your home’s landscaping, you should also put away any outdoor furniture that may get damaged during winter months. Chairs, tables, and swings will last longer if you put them away for the winter. If you have furniture that is too big to store, invest in a quality tarp to use as a cover to prolong its life.

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