Meaning and Significance of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival and a day of celebration celebrated nationwide by almost all people, regardless of their religion. Its meaning and significance can be deduced from breaking down Raksha Bandhan’s name, which means ‘Raksha’ as in Protection in Hindi and ‘Bandhan’, which is the Hindi word for Bond.

Raksha Bandhan thus signifies the solid spiritual bond of protection that is between brothers and sisters. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated by sisters tying a beautiful sacred thread called rakhi around their brothers’ wrists to symbolise their affection, respect, strong bond and their selfless love towards each other. The sisters pray for their brothers’ good health as the brothers promise to protect their sisters. On this auspicious day, merriment and joy are evident across the country, where people from all walks of life participate in this festival. This day is celebrated with sweets, festive foods and lots of happiness and love.

This day falls in August, and it is the full moon day of the lunar month, Shravan Purnima. Thus this festival is also popularly known as Rakhi Poornima.

The significance of Raksha Bandhan is to tie a sacred thread of protection on the wrist to ward off evil and pray for good fortune and good health. This day is celebrated all across India with festive and joyous merriment, often fasting and praying to keep their families safe and cast away evil. Even though this auspicious day is to celebrate the love between siblings, Raksha Bandhan or the ‘bond of protection’ can also be tied on a man’s wrists by his wife, mother or daughter. Rakhis are not always necessarily limited to blood relatives, and they can be connected at the hands of close friends, cousins. Most popularly, they are tied to the hands of soldiers in India through organised functions and events. Rakhis or the sacred threads are also tied by the Rishis, the Indian monks and sages, on the wrists of the people who go to them to seek blessings. Rakhis are, after all, the symbol of spiritual protection and safeguard to ward off misfortune and evil.

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